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zenteq magnetic & titanium therapy : natures gifts



My Career in Health : EARN & LEARN TODAY


Natural Health Certificate Home Study START TODAY $199.00

My own Business & Study for Natural Health for FREE!

100% Natural Health Certificate Scholarship (NZQA approved)

Or just interested in gaining Natural Health Certificate?

Study in your own home, at your own pace.

All study material will be mailed to you.

My Business Package $299.00 Save $268.00

Always wanted your very own business?

Here is your opportunity to become a Zenteq Health Consultant and study for your Natural Health certificate at home for free.

Sell Zenteq health products, learn, earn And have fun!

Here’s how it works.

Just give it a try and see whether you enjoy being an independent Zenteq consultant.

Sell at home, at work, to friends, sell party plan or perhaps at your local market.

You choose your way, work lots or little, zero stress.

You email us your customers orders, we pack, wrap and send!

Nothing can go wrong and no minimum sales. You simply order a starter set for $299* 

You will love helping your family and friends live a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to keep your starter package, but do not wish to be a Zenteq Consultant...

no worries, you need not do anything, except enjoy your goodies and study for your certificate!

Just want to study for Natural health Certificate? Not a worry, receive the study material & a magnetic bracelet for $199!!

It’s as simple as that! Money back guarantee: Three weeks to make up your mind !

If not, return the starter set to us and we will return your money. (minus 20% admin fees) 

 Your starter pack:

1. Zenteq Magnetic Bracelet

2. Zenteq Sports titanium bracelet

3. 1 x scala pendant

4. 4 x EMR cellphone protectors

5. Personalized Business cards.

6. Car advertising

7. Natural Health Care Certificate (NZQA approved)

Study in your own home, at your own pace. All study material will posted to your home.

It may take 4-12 weeks to complete. On completion you shall be awarded a Certificate in Natural Health issued by :

Herbal Education Resources Center N.Z. Member S.N.T.R.

Natural Health: Make it your career! 

Natural Healthcare Certificate: What you will learn :

Section 1 Basic Steps For Wellness

Section 2 Basic Causes Of Health Problems




Mental Stress


Hereditary Factors

Section 3 Herbal Health

Use Of Herbs

Classifications Of Herbs

Preparation Of Herbs

Section 4 Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs For Dealing With Various Health Complaints

The Parts Used

Nutritional Content

Recommended Dosage

Herbal Combinations

Section 5 Vitamins And Minerals



Signs Of Deficiencies

Food Supplements

Vitamins And Minerals In Herbs

Section 6 The Natural Medicine Chest

Suggested Remedies To Have On Hand

Kitchen Remedies

Ointments And Creams



Biochemic Cell Salts

Powders, Tonics And Applications

Incidental Requirements

Section 7 Dealing With Common Ailments

Problems That Delay Healing

Lists Of Common Complaints And Corresponding Effective Treatments And Remedies

Section 8 The Process Of Staying Well

Holistic Overview Of Health

Natural Health Certificate Home Study START TODAY $199.00

My Career in Health : EARN & LEARN TODAY