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zenteq magnetic & titanium therapy : natures gifts



Wifi & EMF & Mobile Phone Pollution? Check out this website!

GEOVITAL Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine.

RADIATION PROTECTION–a subject that has been our focus for over 30 years!

  • Why is protection against radiation imperative nowadays?
  • What types of radiation are there and how does radiation affect our health?
  • What symptoms are clear indications of the presence of geopathic burdens?
  • For over 30 years we have focused with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its effects on health. If even weak environmental influences affect the regeneration of the body and consequently its ability to fight disease, then the basis for health is significantly jeopardized. With the successful health recovery of patients as our goal, we developed our own technology and approach. We treat the causes, not the symptoms!

Cramp? Try Cramp Stop: Try these range of products – Cramp-Stop, Anti Jet Lag, Revive and Endurance – are specifically designed to support the recovery of bodies and minds placed under pressure. All entirely natural, drug and chemical free, our formulas are effective and safe for the whole family.